General conditions of Transport


The purchase of a ticket implies full acceptance on behalf of the passenger of the following general conditions of transport:

The term « passenger » is used for people carried, the term « carrier » designates SNGV 2 MOOREA.

The medical transport of passengers will be formally subject to specific terms established between the contractor and SNGV 2 MOOREA.

All employees of the carrier will be eligible beneficiaries of rights guaranteed by the present general conditions.

Except where stated otherwise, the contract to transport persons, luggage and/or vehicles, will be governed by the Law of the flag.

The vehicle, including any trailer, caravan and their contents constitute one unit of shipment boarded without any statement of value.

SNGV 2 MOOREA reserves the right to modify fares and costs of services rendered according to the regulation of current prices and especially after submission of fares to authorities.

The responsibility of the carrier is subject to the Law of the flag, but also by applied international conventions and the specific conditions that follow.


Transport of passengers, their luggage and animals

ARTICLE 1 – This ticket is a contract of transport. It is governed by the French Transport Code and by the European and international texts which apply to maritime transport, but only in the cases and limits wherein these legal texts are mandatory for the parties.

ARTICLE 2 – This ticket, issued by the SNGV 2 MOOREA, is valid for the (adult, child, vehicle, …) category and the duration indicated. This ticket becomes void after a period of one year (365 days) and is not eligible for refund. Conditions of use or validity may be subject to change in the case of special or promotional fares, and will be brought to the attention of the passenger.

ARTICLE 3 – SNGV 2 MOOREA reserves the right to substitute one of its vessels for that which has been announced for departure. The fare paid to the vessel put into service will be applied regardless of whether the fare higher or lower than previously determined. If the passenger wishes to board, he will be responsible for the balance, or he will be refunded the difference in price. Otherwise, if the passenger does not wish to board, the ticket will be refunded.

ARTICLE 4 – The passenger must present themselves at least thirty (30) minutes before the departure time of the vessel and will board within the limits of available seats. The passenger agrees to submit to any measures carried out by the carrier, his agents or his representatives, and in any case to the regulations established by the SNGV 2 MOOREA aboard its ships, including the rules posted on board in the common areas that are accessible to the public.

The passenger will be held responsible for any damage of any kind that he may cause to himself or to the carrier’s ships, personnel and goods, or to other passengers and third parties. The same applies to damage of any kind, caused by the goods, persons and animals in the passenger’s custody.

The carrier reserves the right to refuse vessel access to any passenger refusing to submit to the boarding control, and/or whose current situation on the day of boarding does not comply with his ticket (passenger type, vehicle, luggage, …) or to request a payment for the appropriate price.

ARTICLE 5 – SNGV 2 MOOREA reserves the right to refuse vessel access to any passenger who has a physical or mental condition that may prevent them from travelling safely, and to passenger who has taken drugs, hallucinogens, or alcohol which may result in their behavior becoming dangerous for other passengers.

In all cases listed above, the passenger may be held liable in the event of damage to his own person, to the ship, to goods and equipment, to third parties and to the goods of third parties.

ARTICLE 6Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to travel unaccompanied. They must remain in the custody of parents or any other guardian who is responsible for them and they are not permitted to circulate in the ship unaccompanied.

Under no circumstances SNGV 2 MOOREA will be held liable for damage to minors in violation of that what is stated above.

ARTICLE 7 – Pregnant women who have entered the third trimester of pregnancy should seek the advice of their attending physician before travelling. In the case of complications relating to their pregnancy, the passenger must hold a valid medical certificate authorizing travel, regardless of stage of pregnancy. She must present said certificate immediately to the captain when boarding.

The captain has, among other things, the authority to refuse boarding. The consent to boarding by SNGV 2 MOOREA cannot be considered as a waiver of its right to assert its reservations about the status of the known passenger or not the carrier at the time of boarding and/or when leaving the ship. The passenger may be held liable in the event of damage to her own person, the ship, goods and equipment, third parties and the goods of third parties.

ARTICLE 8In order to facilitate access on board, passengers with reduced mobility must report to agents or representatives of SNGV 2 MOOREA at least forty-five (45) minutes prior to departure. If they cannot apply the safety instructions and physically contribute to their own evacuation, they must be accompanied by a safety assistant.

ARTICLE 9One (1) piece hand luggage is permitted per passenger. Luggage may consist of bags, suitcases and/or boxes containing objects for personal use. Bulky luggage such as furniture and appliances will not be permitted in the cabin, lounge or deck.

The maximum allowed dimensions of a hand baggage are 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and the weight must be less than or equal to 10kg.

Luggage must allow adult or children passengers to move independently, without the aid of a wheeled device such as a trolley or a cart, and should not require passengers to go back and forth between the boarding circuits.

SNGV 2 MOOREA declines responsibility in case of theft, disappearance or damage of luggage.

SNGV 2 MOOREA assumes no responsibility for hand luggage that remains in the exclusive custody of the traveler, even when placed in designated spaces, except to show proof of fault by the carrier.

In any case, the amount of compensation in case of fault of the SNGV 2 MOOREA cannot exceed the sum of 277 F CFP / kg (2 SDR) and will be limited to the price of the transport.

Any excess luggage will have to travel in hold and will incur payment at the “freight” rate.

For security reasons, luggage that may be deemed an inconvenience or threat will not be accepted in the cabin, lounge, on the deck or in the hold. It is especially forbidden to pack dangerous goods (weapons, firecrackers, flammable gases…) in luggage.

ARTICLE 10Live animals, whose presence is prohibited in passenger vehicles, may be accepted if they are placed in an adapted cage or box (excluding 1st category dogs which are expressly prohibited on board), without any guarantee of loss, disease or mortality. The carrier therefore assumes no liability for damages of any kind that may occur during shipping.

Guide dogs accompanying persons holding the disability card are allowed in the cabin, lounge and deck of the carrier’s ship.

ARTICLE 11 – The passenger agrees not to board any objects other than those which are personal to him as luggage, and especially not to board goods out of procedure reserved for freight. Any offending passenger accepts the fact that neither the captain nor the carrier incur liability for loss or damage to said items.

ARTICLE 12 – Any passenger that has boarded or placed in his luggage a flammable, explosive or dangerous material, an object whose import is prohibited, or an object that does not conform to the laws and regulations of customs or local authorities will be held liable to the SNGV 2 MOOREA for any damage, fines, fares and expenses that may result from their boarding of prohibited items, without prejudice to other penalties enacted by law.

ARTICLE 13 – SNGV 2 MOOREA denies all liability for luggage and valuable objects, as well as for money, cash, securities, jewelry and other valuables, which for the duration of the journey, from boarding to disembarkation are and remain under the full responsibility of their owners.

ARTICLE 14 – No accommodation or accommodation allowance is owed to the passenger in case of canceled or delayed departures, and this applies to compensation for the ticket price in case of delay upon arrival of the ship, as well as any other compensation of any kind whatsoever, when such delays or cancellations result from bad weather compromising the safe operation of the ship, and/or from any extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

In terms of delay, the captain and the carrier are not responsible for non-coincidence in arrivals, departures or connections with other ways of transport.

Freight transport

ARTICLE 15 – The SNGV 2 MOOREA ensures the transportation of goods in the hold according to a freight rate whose prices are displayed at its sales counters. The SNGV 2 MOOREA does not recognize or accept responsibility in the case of value declared by the owner or the shipper. The goods travel at the risk and peril of the owner or shipper who can, if he wishes, take out an insurance against any damage. In any case, the amount of the compensation in the event of fault on behalf of the SNGV 2 MOOREA cannot exceed the sum of 277 F CFP / kg (2 SDR) and will be limited to the cost of the transport. The owner or shipper must ensure that the goods are packed in suitable packaging to withstand shipping and handling. Otherwise, the carrier reserves the right to refuse the assumption of responsibility. As for accompanied luggage, dangerous goods are not permitted in the cargo. The goods must be provided with an appropriate label or marking (fragile, etc.). The carrier will not be liable for loss, damage or delay resulting from non-compliance with these requirements. The maximum dimensions of a package placed in a rolling cart are 110 cm (height) x 100 cm (width) x 90 cm (depth). The loading of oversized goods is subject to the acceptance of the captain. Unaccompanied luggage and other parcels must be registered by SNGV 2 MOOREA agents prior to boarding. Any luggage or parcels that are not claimed immediately upon arrival will remain at the port of disembarkation, at the expense and risk of their owners. The owner or shipper is responsible for marking his name and address and/or the address of the consignee of the cargo on each parcel or luggage in such a way that is highly visible and unlikely to be removed during transit.

ARTICLE 16 – Wherein SNGV 2 MOOREA is in charge of the transport of packages or luggage for a period prior to embarkation or after landing, it is expressly agreed that it acts as agent on behalf of the owners of the luggage and that its liability is not substituted for liability of other carriers employed by these owners. In all cases, the handling of packages or luggage by the SNGV 2 MOOREA begins at embarkation and ends at the landing.

ARTICLE 17 – SNGV 2 MOOREA makes no commitment to the delivery of registered hold luggage outside the normal and working hours of its services. No claim for delay in the provision will be accepted. The carrier reserves the right to board the luggage on the intended trip or on one of the following two.


Transport of passenger’s vehicles

ARTICLE 18 – The transport of vehicles is governed by the French Transport Code and the European and international texts applicable to maritime transport, but only in the cases and limits where these texts are mandatory for the parties.

Only light vehicles (GVWR < 3500 kg) are allowed on board. They must be able to work and not exceed 210 cm in height. The driver will have to present the vehicle registration card during the booking to determine the billing category. If you add a luggage rack, bike rack, … the price will be calculated based on the total length (overall length) measured.

The driver with his pass must be present at the embarkation wharf at least thirty (30) minutes before the ship departure time. He will comply with the instructions of the crew for the access and parking of his vehicle.
Onboard vehicles must be locked and the parking brake applied.
For safety reasons, no passenger is allowed to remain in the vehicle during the crossing.

ARTICLE 19 – The carrier is not responsible for the loss or damage of objects contained in the vehicle.

ARTICLE 20 – For private cars (category M1), the price of the passage is the same, whether they are charged or empty, excluding the driver and passengers. Vans (cat.1) benefit from a free allowance of 200 kg or 1 m3 for the goods on board provided that they do not exceed the vehicle. Beyond the allowance, the shipper will have to pay a supplement to the freight rate. 

It is permitted for the captain to tow, rescue ships and / or persons in all situations, to divert, to make all rescues and transhipments, the passengers therefore renouncing any claim.
SNGV 2 MOOREA assumes no liability for loss or damage caused by a result of storm, sinking, collision, change of course, approach to berthing or release, quarantine, fire, acts of war or piracy, and any other accident or sea worth, suspension or cancellation of berthing or line, change of timetable or route or other events inherent to navigation and due to force majeure or to a strike of staff, either on shore or on board.
For technical reasons related to the comfort and safety of passengers, such as bad weather or technical problems, trips can be canceled.

SNGV 2 MOOREA cannot be held responsible for the financial losses caused by a trip cancellation.
In the case of personal injury to the passenger, either on board or during embarkation or disembarkation operations, as well as for loss or damage to the passenger’s baggage, the carrier may not be held liable by the passenger himself or his beneficiaries only under the conditions and within the limits set by the French, European and international legislation governing the liability of the maritime carrier.

For any damage to his person and / or his property (vehicles, luggage, animals, etc …), the passenger must make contact with the staff of the ship and have a contradictory statement made before leaving the ship. Failing to comply with this requirement, the passenger will be presumed to have landed safely and his property in good condition.

All the limitations, exemptions and stipulations of this contract concerning the liability of the carrier, also apply, where applicable to the liability of its agents, its vessels, its employees and other representatives, and also to the liability in the event that it is engaged, of the owners, agents, employees and other representatives of any substituted vessel.

The general terms and conditions of the transport contract are displayed in each SNGV 2 MOOREA point of sale and a copy will be given to any customer on request to our counter agents or by e-mail to [email protected].

They can be modified without notice and are valid until the next modification.
The competent court to know difficulties which the execution of this contract could give place, is the commercial or civil jurisdiction of Papeete.



When the ticket is used for the benefit of a carrier other than SNGV 2 MOOREA, the general conditions of carriage are those of the carrier concerned that the passenger declares he knows and accepts. In this case, the SNGV 2 MOOREA only acts as an agent of the actual carrier.


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